Why Women Looking For Married Men

Single woman looking for single man is normal relationship story. But, unless you are living in a cave or under a rock, you must aware that the number of women looking for married men in increasing fast and not showing a slowing down pace. You can see how many websites that assist married affairs created the past decade? Countless! So, is your husband in your radar?

The motives

Maybe you can say get laid is one of top reasons why women looking for married men. But it is not about sex only; there are other aspects that women search in a figure of a married man. Do you know Ashley Madison? It is considered as one of the best website for married people who look for affairs. A research on that dating website by an undercover operation found out so many motives behind women decision to have affairs with married men. It is not because single men is out of stock, but there are certain feeling that these women looking for because their man at home can`t give it.

Sex is at the top

In many married affairs, have someone to lay low is the main point of all. For many women, it is not that their husband can`t give them sex, but lack of feeling, time together and affection has forced these women to go out and find it themselves. Dating a married man can be good choice as they don`t really need a commitment, just someone to talk and listen, to admire and yes to lay low.
Search for something missing.

Like I said above there are many reasons why women looking for married men. Married men that attracted to meet women are just a signal that something has missing in their current relationship. While they don`t have any power left or feel too much pressure, they will go out and try to find that ‘missing’ things with other. It is not all about sex, sometimes it is about passion. When women were at their dating phase, men will do anything to impress her, do his best to get attention and make women feel so much wanted. But after marriage, mostly men will think that he already got her, so there are no special things required. And cold, lonely marriage becomes unavoidable. So, husbands don`t get too mad if you find your wife looking for affairs. Look at yourself and think about how you treated her lately. And for wives out there, keep your husband in your reach. Don`t let others take him.

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